Happy Holidays!

26 Dec

I sit here, winding up the Christmas Holiday, and winding down from the Christmas festivities. 

This morning I was up early with my youngest, trying to keep her occupied while everyone else slept.  I knew that the two oldest girls wouldn’t be here until about 7:30.  I managed to keep the youngest occupied with Christmas songs and a trip to my mother’s for a couple of cups of coffee.  Then we spent a little bit of time watching some TV.  I knew she was at her limit (I’m not 7 and I was reaching mine) of patience so I tiptoed down to wake up the hubs.  He got up and went to wake our 9 year old.  She bounced out of bed and came right down to see what was waiting under the tree!  The “big girls” came in just minutes later. 

After the fun of opening, I enlisted the help of  our oldest  in the kitchen.  I wanted to make a batch of peanut butter fudge that I had tried a week or so ago.  It was so good I got the recipe from the person who made it.  She and I whipped out the fudge and I asked her if she wanted to help me make some Snickerdoodle muffins, or some cinnamon popcorn.  She opted for the popcorn.  I had tried some last week and got the recipe from the mother of the 4th grader who brought it to the school party.  My first attempt was only moderately successful.  I really wanted to try it again.  I made it on the stovetop instead of the microwave and was much more successful!  I’m sure it was my helper that made the difference! 

I packaged up my home made goodies, and readied myself for the long, arduous journey to my parents’ house three blocks away.  The cinnamon popcorn didn’t receive the warmest welcome.  Several of my nephews let me know that caramel corn is “way better”.  Well, I’m not sure who ate the cinnamon popcorn, but more than half of it disappeared!  Curious.  

Of course, having grown up in a house full of cooking and baking, it was of no surprise to me that my parents’ kitchen table was loaded down with goodies ranging from pickle roll ups to cheese balls to carrot cookies.  When one of my older brothers arrived he brought with him some fudge that he and his daughter, had made and some peanut brittle. 

 With all of the sweets and goodies to munch on I’m sure we don’t all need the traditional Christmas day dinner, but we manage to eat it anyway.  My family’s traditional Christmas dinner is homemade pizza.  We have been having pizza for Christmas since probably 1982 or ’83.  My father used to make the pizza, but the past few years one of my older brothers has taken over.  I’m not sure what dough recipe he used this year, but it was quite good!  

Stuffed from the pizza and other edibles, we made the long journey back home.  The girls were all quite ready to be in their own home playing with their new toys…and I was ready for a little quiet time.  Not that I expected to get it, I was just ready for it! 

My treat plates are picked through as I look across the table.  I am sure I can find a little tidbit or morsel to snack on before I turn in.  As the 2011 Holiday Season is coming to an end may I wish you the happiest of holidays!

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