Candied what?

09 Feb

While I am out of town on business for a few days this week, I obviously won’t be able to create food at home. I will, however, still be eating! In fact, I went to lunch with a friend yesterday and I got to sample something that she ordered. It is definitely going to be on a “to-do” list for future cooking endeavors. Well, at least part of it will be. She ordered a burger that had candied jalapenos on top. Yes, candied jalapeno pepper slices. They were very tasty. So, look forward to having me work on that in the near future. I can definitely see that as something the hubs would like. Oh, and my dad. And my boss. And…right. You get the picture. They were good!

Since my own lunch was rather heavy yesterday (I had Florentine ravioli) I opted for a protein bar for dinner. Not much to say about that.

I’m hoping that breakfast is more than a power bar, and includes some coffee!

I will try to eat with a sense of thought and adventure, so I can share my travel eating with you, and possibly find other exciting things to re-create when I get back home!

Life’s an adventure…one bite at a time!

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