Broccoli with Cheese

18 Feb

I have spent most of my time since Valentine’s Day caring for sick girls. That has left very little time for cooking. However, that does not mean that we haven’t still been hungry!

I was finally able to get daughter number 4 in to see the Doctor yesterday afternoon. After spending more than two hours in the Doctors office, including lab work to test for the flu, we were off to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. I called the hubs to let him know. After hearing the suspected diagnosis, pending the lab results, he asked what we were having for dinner. My baby had just said that she was sure Egg Drop Soup would make her feel better, because soup is good for people when they’re sick. I ran it by the hubs, and he agreed. Chinese food sounded good.

While I drove across town to our favorite drive-thru Chinese restaurant, the hubs and daughter number 3 looked over the menu. When the hubs called me and told me that he wanted “Broccoli with Cheese” I was a bit put off. Really? I can make Broccoli with Cheese. I like to get things that I don’t know how to make, or are too time consuming, or …but that was his choice.

I grew a little concerned about the hubs choice when I ordered it, and the woman taking my order giggled. Oh, sure. Ameican Idiot orders Broccoli with Cheese. I’m sure that’s what she must have been thinking! When I pulled up to the window to pay, and share the usual banter with the woman (we are NOT regulars, we just come here frequently enough that she knows me) she told me in a perfect blend of enthusiastic pride, that it would be at least fifteen minutes to make the Broccoli with Cheese. They make it hot and fresh each order. With that, my concern turned more to intrigue. What must this be, this Broccoli with Cheese that looks so non-descript on the menu board, that causes so much excitement from the woman at the restaurant that she would giggle. Something so special that I had to pull out of line and park in a special spot, while it was being made. I watched three other cars full of people get their food in the time that I was waiting.

I felt bad that this was making my sick little one wait longer, but she was not complaining one bit. She was medicated, fever down, and awaiting her Egg Drop Soup.

When I got home and the hubs started unpacking the feast I had ordered, I told him the story about how the woman at the restaurant had giggled and become quite enthusiastic at the order of Broccoli with Cheese. So, he took that as a sign to take a bite immediately. After enduring his Oooohing and Ahhhhing long enough, I took a bite. Oooooh. Ahhhh. Mmmmmm. This, my friends, was no ordinary Broccoli with Cheese. This – was special. This – was amazing. After several bites I concluded that one of the secret ingredients must be horseradish of some sort. After a few more bites of his own plated goodness, the hubs agreed.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to spend any time in the kitchen today, and maybe not tomorrow. What I do know is: when I can, I am going to try to recreate that amazing creamy goodness that eludes the average individual going through the drive-thru at this (and who knows how many other) Chinese eatery.

A special thanks goes out to the hubs for being so daring as to order a seemingly mundane dish, so that we could discover this little secret!

I look forward to getting back into the kitchen soon – and to having healthy little ones who are able to eat what I cook!

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