March weekend

05 Mar

The weekend cooking wasn’t quite as vigorous as I had originally thought it would be. Oddly enough, after having a houseful of sickies, food prep isn’t the only thing that suffers. So does housework. I had extra housework to do over the weekend, so that put my cooking and baking down on the list.

Saturday at breakfast, my mother told me that the head of the dietary department at the retirement community where she works was going to be set up selling some barbecue inTopeka. Knowing how much I had to do and knowing that just a day earlier the hubs had been asking for ribs, I opted to drive in and buy some. It just so happened that they were selling out of a tent in the parking lot of my favorite liquor store. Definitely a sign that I needed some beer. One of the reasons that Jaq’s Liquor World is my favorite (Topeka) liquor store is that they let you design your own six pack out of a selection of specialty beers and imports. I picked 7, because I couldn’t just choose six. Oh, and one wasn’t a 12 ounce bottle. It was a pint.

By the time I got home with my slab of ribs, ½ pound of pulled pork, and leg quarter from Jennifer and the loaf of bread and pound of potato salad I had picked up at the grocery store, the hubs was ready to devour it!

I have to say, not being a fan of barbecue or red meat in general, it was pretty darn good. I had a little bit of the pulled pork and some of the thigh meat. It was done very nicely and definitely did NOT have too much fat and just enough bark.

Oh, and the Cocoa Porter I had with it was not too overpowering. It was just right. The hubs really liked the ribs and other meat. I will definitely buy from Jennifer agan!

Sunday I had time to make a batch of granola. I used sunflower seed butter and Nutella, coconut oil and brown sugar as the wet ingredients, and rolled oats and whole almonds. It was ok, but I’ve made better.

For dinner on Sunday evening I sliced the rest of the breast meat off of the turkey and warmed it in the oven. I served open faced sandwiches with mashed potatoes and gravy and Brussels sprouts as the side. The girls were a little bit off-put by the “open” faced sandwiches. They wanted theirs closed! I have to say again, that they turkey breast was fantastic! I’ve determined that is the best way to cook a turkey breast.

So, now that the weekend is over and it’s time for the workweek to start. Oh, except that today is parent-teacher conference day and I have offered to make desserts for the parent made dinner. My first batch of cupcakes smells amazing! I can’t wait to post the recipe for them!

Oooh – something to look forward to!

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