Apple Tartlets

14 Mar

Sometimes, you just have to have something sweet. The Hubs was having just such a night. He wanted pie. Would I go get a pie? Would I drive the almost twenty miles to get a cardboard-y pie-like treat from a drive-thru? Apple pie seemed to be the craving.

I did not feel like driving to get a pie. I did happen to have a box of 2 pie crusts in my refrigerator. I believe they were from the holidays. Yes. Those holidays.

I must admit that I am not very adept at making my own pie crusts so that is something that I choose to buy. The ones that come in the red box in the refrigerated section at the grocery store. They roll out and go right in the pie plate. So awesome.

Now, remember, I said these were from The Holidays. 3 or 4 months ago. I think they are supposed to be refrigerated no more than 30 days, or frozen. I had some fresh apples. Two bags, to be exact. I set about to make an apple pie. I had Daughter Number 2 help with the coring and peeling of the apples. I started to unroll the bottom piecrust. Hm. Not so good. It was really sticky. So, I opened the second crust. Not quite as sticky, but it was definitely sticking to itself more than it should. Frustration was starting to set in when I decided to punt. I already had half of the apples I needed for a whole pie. I stopped the coring and peeling. I grabbed a muffin tin and a juice glass. I cut out the pie dough into small circles and put in the bottom of the six muffin cups. I added a few of the chopped apples, some cinnamon, brown sugar, flour for thickening, and a little pat of butter to each, then topped with another circle of dough. I baked them until the crusts were golden brown, and served them with Dulce de Leche and chocolate whipped cream over the top. They were loved by all!

It definitely wasn’t what I had set out to create, but it worked out perfectly. Little apple tartlets. It was such a great thing, that I will definitely make them again. Soon.

Oh, and it satisfied the Hubs craving for apple pie!

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