White Popcorn

18 Mar

I know this will both shock and amaze, but Daughters Number 2 and 4 both needed a treat / snack to take to school on Friday. You are shocked and amazed, aren’t you?

I had worked late a few nights last week which really threw off my schedule. I had the best intentions of whipping of muffins or cupcakes or cookies or something sweet and delicious. I just couldn’t bring myself to bake Thursday evening. So, I thought that if I got up early enough Friday morning (prior to Daylight Saving’s Time this was no big deal) I would bake something then. Didn’t happen. So, I believe that I dreamt the idea that I woke up with. To make white popcorn. It’s so easy to make and delicious to eat! In fact, I grabbed the ingredients before I headed to my mom’s for our morning coffee.

I made the popcorn while we talked. I actually got the recipe from my mother, who got it from one of the resident’s in the assisted living where she works. So, she was able to give me pointers while I made it. Not that I really needed them. You will see that this recipe is ridiculously easy. Oh, and I have made it many times. However, she is my mother. So, I listened.

White Popcorn

2 bags of microwave popcorn

3 blocks of white almond bark

Microwave each bag of popcorn and remove all of the unpopped kernels. Put the popcorn into a large glass bowl. Melt the almond bark in a microwave in a glass bowl on medium-low in 30 second intervals, stirring after every 30 seconds. When it has melted completely pour the bark over the popped corn. Mix it thoroughly with a spoon (or your hands) until it is completely covered. Pour onto waxed paper to dry.

 That’s it! Isn’t it easy? The really neat thing about it, is that it looks like plain popcorn so if you don’t tell people ahead of time they will be very surprised. It is very well received everywhere I take it. Daughter number 4 said it was too sweet for her. She’s just like that. Daughter number 2 said that not only did the class that she was supposed to take it for like it, but students that are not in that class heard about it and came into class to try it. They all just loved it.

So the next time you are in a hurry for a sweet treat to take somewhere, or just looking for something a little bit special for movie night make a quick batch of White Popcorn. Delish!

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