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I’m sure everyone has their list of “I’ve always wanted to make” foods. Maybe not a “Bucket List” of foods to make, more of a “If I had more time or wasn’t so lazy I’d make” list. I have a long list of those things that I would like to make if…

I’ve always wanted to make coconut macaroons. Not the French Macaron, which is more of a sandwich cookie, but the meringue-y macaroon. I said meringue-y, not merengue, which is a Latin Dance.

I love coconut confections. I don’t shy away from coconut desserts. In fact, anyone who knows me knows the story of how I craved Coconut Cream Pie so badly during a brief (Thank God) period of my pregnancy with Daughter Number Three (who does not like coconut) that I probably kept a local pie shop in business. Oh, and I’m quite sure that contributed to the seventy-two pounds I managed to gain (I don’t recommend it).

Yes, I love coconut. I had only had store-bought or restaurant macaroons. I knew that homemade macaroons would have to be better.

I spent some time browsing the web for a coconut macaroon recipe that was straight forward. I found one that was perfectly simple.

I made Alton Brown’s Toasty Coconut Macaroon Recipe. I have made meringue cookies before, so it really wasn’t much different. Oh, and having a KitchenAid makes whipping the egg whites so much easier than a handheld mixer!

I worried a bit about the macaroons not being done in the middle, so I took a sample cookie just to make sure. Out of the 5 dozen cookies that I made, I think that I sampled a dozen or so. They weren’t very big. (Not like a pie.)

The Hubs was thrilled that he got to eat almost as many as I did (more out of my guilt than my want to share.)

The macaroons were the after school snack for the girls that day. Even the non-coconut eating Daughter Number Three tried them. She was pleasantly surprised. They did taste quite a bit like toasted marshmallows. Daughter Number Four apparently inherited my love for coconut creations. She couldn’t believe that I was only going to allow her to have 2. Or 3.

I am so glad that I took the time to make these. They were not hard to make and didn’t take much prep time.  Ah – and my fears that they would be underdone in the center were unsubstantiated. Every one that I tried was done perfectly; golden and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I’m very glad that I tested them, though. I had to do my part to ensure everyone else’s safety and satisfaction.

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