Puff Pastry

12 Apr

I have always wanted to play around with puff pastry, but somewhat afraid of it. I have used phyllo dough many times; it really is kind of a pain in the butt takes a knack.

I chose Easter as day that I would try something using puff pastry. I had found a recipe for asparagus in puff pastry that sounded delicious. I made the recipe on Easter Sunday. It was a hit with the 3 of us who like asparagus; 1 ate the puff pastry but left the asparagus and 1 didn’t try it at all. Her loss!

Last night, as I was trying to come up with a quick dinner idea after work I remembered that I had some puff pastry left in the fridge that I hadn’t needed. I had wrapped it up very well so that it didn’t dry out. I rolled it out and grated fresh Parmagiano Reggiano on all of it. I used some leftover ham and asparagus on a few, asparagus only on a few and grated Mozzarella on a few. When those were in the oven I got a crazy idea for using another leftover from Easter. Eggs! I peeled one of the hardboiled eggs from Easter, halved it, removed the yoke and filled the cavity with grated cheese. Then I wrapped puff pastry around it and baked. When the puff pastry delights came out of the oven I popped the puff eggs in to the oven.

I plated the various puff pastry creations depending on eating preferences. I think everyone was thrilled! The “cheese only” went over extremely well. The Hubs thought that it would have made a great appetizer, but wasn’t “enough” for dinner.

The eggs were better than I could have imagined! That is something that would be a wonderful idea for Easters in the future, or for a different kind of appetizer at a party.

I’m thrilled that I took the time to bake with puff pastry. I’m so excited at how easy it is to use that I am sure I will be making a bunch of awesome puff pastry dishes in the near future!

Below is the recipe that I used for the Asparagus Rolls.

*I used the same basic idea for the rolls that I made with ham, cheese, and eggs. I omitted the egg wash and sprayed the dough with nonstick spray before grating my cheese on the dough. I followed the same basic direction for rolling, except for the eggs. I placed the cheese filled eggs in the center of a square of dough and folded it like an envelope or little package.



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