Downtown Topeka – Bosco’s

27 Apr

I had the awesome opportunity to enjoy lunch with a friend at a Downtown Topeka restaurant, Bosco’s. I had never been before, although I had heard good things about them.

They were out of turkey so that limited the items on the lunch menu. They had a selection of “boards” on the menu, that you could combine 2, 4, or all of the selection for a sampler “board”. We chose to split the sampler as our lunch. The board consisted of 2 of each of the following toppings on focaccia bread:

White chocolate and almond spread, melon, sea salt; cured salmon, capers, citrus crème fraiche; whipped cream cheese, jalapeno jam, crispy mortadella; Capocolla ham, melon, sweet basil; tomato basil, mozzarella, feta, balsamic; Carpaccio beef, shaved parmesan, caper aioli; hummus, goat cheese, pistachio.

They were served on a wood board shaped like a painter’s palate, which goes very well with the ambiance of local artists works showcased on the walls. My own adventurous spirit drove me to try each one, and I am so glad that I did. The combination of flavors worked so very well together.

I thought the cost was fair for the sampler, as we both chose to have that as our lunch. It was quite filling and a great way to try a variety of foods and flavors that I otherwise may not have tried.

The one thing I would change is the description of the boards in the menu. It didn’t really describe sufficiently what the presentation of each would be (focaccia) or how many servings there would be.

I do think I will go back again and try something else on the menu. I am looking forward to being as pleasantly surprised as I was with the board.

If you find yourself inTopekaand are looking for a not so run of the mill eatery, check out Bosco’s. Oh, and take the time to look at the art on the walls. There are some great local artists inTopeka!

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