Teaching Ravioli Making

27 Aug

Alas, it’s been another much too long gap in the writing. This summer has been uncharacteristically busy. I haven’t done much cooking or baking partly because of the heat and partly because I was alone for much of the month of July.

Daughter Number One came home for a weekend. She needed a break from work and I think she wanted to talk about our trip to Ireland in June. I’m also pretty sure she wanted to collect any souvenirs we might have bought for her. She also wanted to do some cooking. She didn’t have a strong opinion on what she wanted to cook but I thought it would be fun to teach her how to make homemade pasta. We spent the better part of that Sunday making the dough and then making egg noodles, ravioli, and fettuccine noodles. We stuffed the ravioli with a four cheese mixture. Then we experimented with cooking it three different ways. We boiled them. Some we ate straight away. They were good! Some, we baked after boiling. The third way was a quick dip in an egg wash, some Italian bread crumbs, sprayed with cooking spray and then baked. These were my favorite by far. In fact, these might just become the “standard” when I make ravioli. It doesn’t take much more time or effort, but the end result is wonderful.

We ate our fill, shared some with my mother, and Daughter Number One still had plenty to take home for another meal!

I hope that she has started making homemade pasta, although I know with her own college and work schedule she might not have much time for it. One can always hope.


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