Coffee Break

10 Mar

While I write primarily about food and family there are other things I am passionate about. In fact, if you know me personally you know another thing I am very passionate about: coffee. So for this post I am not writing about food. I am taking a coffee break.

I always like to give some history to what I write about, so let me tell you a little about my love affair with coffee. My parents always drank coffee. Every day, from their rising moments the smell of coffee was in the air. The method of brewing wasn’t always the same, but the coffee was always brewed.

One of my favorite brewers my parents had when I was young was a glass stovetop percolator that I remember watching as it brewed over the blue flame on their gas stovetop. My mother insists that it made one of the best tasting cups of coffee she has ever had.

To note: my parents did not allow me to drink coffee as a child, so although I loved the smell and watching it brew or perk I did not drink coffee. That changed when I was in Junior High. Before you judge my parents, my coffee drinking started in church.

Living in a small town the number of Junior High and High School people attending my Sunday school was under 10. However, we were tasked with brewing the coffee for people to drink during the Fellowship following the church service. We had to make coffee in a large silver coffee urn. I can still see it with the directions to make the coffee; written on a piece of paper, in red ink, taped to the outside of the electric coffee maker. Once the coffee was brewed we ‘had’ to taste it to make sure it had brewed properly.

That was the beginning of the love of the taste of coffee. I had already fallen for the aroma, but the taste is what I loved.

Throughout my life I have developed more than a love for coffee, but a passion. Tasting coffee wherever I go is more than a hobby for me, it is a way of life.

I have also learned what makes an amazing cup of coffee, brewer, filter, coffee bean, grind and water.

Now let me tell you of the amazing discovery I made at my mother’s house over the weekend. I discovered a Pyrex Silex vacuum coffee maker. How thrilling. She said that she doesn’t know where it came from, but believes that my father picked it up at a garage sale a few years before his stroke. To my knowledge he had never even used it.

Silex Coffee Maker

Silex Coffee Maker

This morning I had some time to spend at mom’s. Today was the day to try the coffee maker. I brewed a lovely pot of coffee for my mother and me this morning. It was exciting to watch the coffee brew. It had been years since I had stood by the stove and watched through a glass pot as the water transformed, using magic beans, into a delicious cup of life giving potion. This was actually 6 cups of potion.

Coffee, after being brewed in Silex


I will get back to the cooking and food now. I hope you enjoyed the coffee break!

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