Augustino Brewing Company – Restaurant Review

13 Apr
Augustino Brewing Company – Restaurant Review

Sometimes the best adventures come out of chaos. This fun food adventure and restaurant review is the product of chaos. It is also the product of flexibility and strength in the face of adversity. Let me tell you of how my mother, Daughter Number One, and I came to eat at Augustino Brewing Company in Wichita, Kansas.

The entirety of this adventure could be a novelette, but I will spare you all of the details. D1 has had several surgeries on her foot and ankle. Her most recent surgery was done with very short notice. She was told to be off of work for at least one week post-op. To fight off boredom she asked mother and me to come keep her company.

My mother cleaned out her attic recently and we discovered that I had stored all of D1’s baby clothes there. Additionally D1’s childhood table and chairs were also being stored at mothers. This seemed like a good time to take these to my daughter. I had also heard of a relatively new Brewery in Wichita that I wanted to try; Augustino Brewing Company.

Now starts the chaos. Apparently D1’s foot had swollen up and landed her in the ER the night before we were going down. Daughter One sent me a text in the middle of the night to see if we were still coming. I said that we were and she apologetically asked if we could take her to the Doctor’s office. They had some concerns.

Mother and I made good time getting down to Wichita. We helped D1 into the car. She was obviously worried in addition to being in pain. If that wasn’t enough her stomach was upset (probably nerves).

We got her to the Doctor’s office and she was called back. Shortly my name was called to come back. Apparently even adult daughter’s need their mom’s sometimes. As the Doctor was explaining the situation I could see the positive change in D1’s attitude. When the Doctor stepped out for a minute she asked if we were going to be able to go have lunch. She hadn’t eaten and was very hungry.

I popped onto the map app on my phone to see what was close to us. As luck would have it one of the closest establishments to our location was also a brewery! So we headed over to Augustino Brewing Company.

It was easy to find the location, and the establishment was well marked. Upon entry we found it to be a fairly open seating plan, with plenty of light. Inside the front door there was ample signage promoting their beers and food.

Our server was helpful and friendly. As we were there for a significant amount of time, he became even friendlier. That may not have been a plus.

The food menu was intriguing. We chose a fondue appetizer which was really just queso and chips. In addition to their usual menu they had a special menu for one day only. It was a Mexican style menu which included my favorite Mexican sandwich; the Torta. Mother ordered the Flauta platter off of the special menu and D1 ordered some wings off of the main menu.

Mother and I ordered beers, of course. I started with the Pinhead Oatmeal Stout, a very impressive craft beer. I would be hard pressed to find a comparable stout in a local brewery. Mother’s first beer was the Mad Squirrel Nut Brown Ale. Also a nice beer, this nut brown ale was malty and sweet. I would definitely drink either of these two beers again.

It took longer than I would have thought to deliver our food. Upon arrival the wing plate looked good and the flauta platter was very nicely plated. I was concerned about the Torta before even trying it. The bread was not traditional, nor had it been pressed.


Augustino Brewing Co.

The Torta: Using the wrong bread wasn’t the only problem. The shredded chicken was not excellent. Now, the positives were the refried beans being used as a base and the fresh avocado. Also, when I asked for something spicy I got a delightful blend of habanero and onion with some fresh lime juice.


Augustino Brewing Co.

The Wings: Bone-in and heavily sauced they were on the spicy side of mild/medium. They are served with blue cheese traditionally, but D1 likes Ranch like all good Kansas Girls. She asked for two sides of Ranch.

The Flauta Platter:  Three flautas garnished with crema and avocado, served with side of rice and beans. This had excellent presentation and tasted good.

We ended our food adventure with 2 more beers, the Sleeping Car Porter and the Bayern Munich Dunkel, which I believe was recently tapped. The porter was not my favorite of all porters. It had some of the qualities I love in a porter, but did not blow me away. The Dunkel was very smooth and had the beautiful near ruby tone that a Dunkel should.

We all enjoyed lunch as a whole, even though the Torta was a disappointment. Augustino Brewing Company is definitely somewhere I recommend locals go for some good craft beer and decent food. I personally will try it again when I visit my daughter in Wichita again.



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