Whiskey Wednesday

15 Aug
Whiskey Wednesday

This Whiskey Wednesday Post is going to the heart of the matter.


Today I am giving a bit of the history to the origin of the word whiskey (whisky).

Uisce beatha in Irish or Uisge beatha in Scottish is the literal translation in Gaelic for “water of life”. Uisce Beatha was translated from the Latin aqua vitae, used to describe spirits.

You can see why so many with Scottish or Irish heritage feel compelled, nearly obligated, to drink Irish or Scotch Whiskey. It is, after all, The Water of Life!


Home is where the Whiskey is

Home is where the Whiskey is

So, today when you pour a dram, make sure to toast to Life! Have a wonderful Usquebaugh Dé Céadaoin!


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