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Golden Sheet Pan Scalloped Potatoes

The menu was a few favorites and a new spring salad. The Hubs smoked a ham and I made Pea Salad, Sheet Pan Scalloped Potatoes, asparagus, and deviled eggs. I made a Checkerboard cake for dessert. Everything was delicious. I had made the Golden Sheet Pan Scalloped Potatoes on Grammy day, as one of my golden dishes. Apparently as things have changed I have not made scalloped potatoes much over the past 13 years. I can remember when Daughters 1 and 2 were younger making scalloped potatoes, usually with him, regularly.

My menu was mostly put together on Saturday when I was having coffee with my mother. We were discussing what I was making for dinner and I got to the Golden Sheet Pan Scalloped Potatoes. She asked me if I knew that scalloped potatoes were Daughter Number Four’s favorite. No, I did not know.

As I was prepping the Easter dinner I had timed everything out, as per my usual. The Hubs and I had conferred about timing as he was smoking the ham. The Golden Sheet Pan Scalloped Potatoes are not difficult nor overly time consuming to make. There is some prep time in slicing the potatoes perfectly and arranging them beautifully on the sheet pan. That is what mandoline slicers and teenage daughters are for.

Most of the food was done: the cake was baked and ready to be frosted. Ham was in the smoker. I had made the deviled eggs in the morning when I was putting together the sample board and Hot Cross Buns. I still needed to put together the Sheet Pan Scalloped Potatoes and asparagus. As anyone who has made asparagus knows, it is especially easy. I steamed mine slightly and then roasted it, some wrapped in Phyllo dough, all with a touch of Parmesan cheese.

As I mentioned I had Daughter Number Three using the mandoline slicer on the potatoes. I put the ingredients for the sauce together and asked Daughter Number Four to keep an eye on that while I grated cheese. She asked if we could switch jobs. Then she asked what I was making. I told her I was making potatoes. “Scalloped potatoes,” she queried. I assured her that I was making Golden Sheet Pan Scalloped Potatoes. She informed me, with a smile, that those are her favorite.

Once the potatoes were baking it was just a matter of setting the table. Oh, and waiting. We were all very ready for dinner to be done. Brunch had been such a long time earlier.

The Easter dinner did not disappoint. Everything was quite tasty. As always the potatoes and deviled eggs were a family favorite. Potatoes are always well received, but these herb-infused cream and cheese laden pratai are downright divine. Yes, the Golden Sheet Pan Scalloped Potatoes are delicious. Would you believe that I was so full I didn’t even eat cake? That’s how much I liked the potatoes.


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